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Solar Heating

Solar hot water services differ from standard domestic hot water systems in that they harvest energy from the sun to reduce your heating bill. Installing a solar hot water system can reduce your hot water expenses by as much as 65% depending on the climate you live in. Given that hot water supply accounts for 20-30% of your total home energy needs, the saving can is significant. While virtually all solar systems also contain a backup burner or heater element, the amount of fuel used by this backup will be much lower than for a regular system. The solar heating component will only function during daylight hours. However, our hot water systems are running continuously and so the fuel usage of the hot water service is reduced as long as the sun is shining.

There are two main varieties of solar hot water systems available. Active solar heating systems for hot water use a pump to drive cold water through heat collecting panels. Solar powered water heaters in frost prone areas require additional equipment in the form of a heat transfer tank, and also use anti-freeze in the heat collector tubes. Passive solar heating hot water systems also use heat collecting panels but do not have a pump.

The bottom line is the benefits these systems provide. Selecting the correct type of solar power heating system for your needs will ensure maximum savings on your heating bill and therefore the fastest return on your investment.

Some solar hot water installations may also be eligible for government rebates or tax breaks. See that section for details.